Monday, 7 March 2016

shape and form

I first started this project by searching the dictionary definition of shape and from, where i found that the form is the 3d while the shape is the 2d. e.g a person is the form and there shadow is the shape.

I took a few photos trying to show this, for example I shot my friend in light so shadows would show. I then made a moodpboard on 'shape and form' showing various different images that i hoped would give me inspiration, which it did. i then moved on to shooting more photos of just general places trying to capture shape and form within the photo. I then continued to find artist 'Kevin Saint Grey' who does architecture photography and shots in black and white and i really like how they look, which is why i then went on to make a contact sheet of photos i shot at the skatepark focusing on the curves and shadows with in them, I then selected what photos i was going to use and put them into edit.


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