Monday, 7 March 2016

progression project (colour of life)

In this project we were set to do 4 different magazine covers exploring the colours of life. When doing the magazine covers you had to use a certain font that was given in the brief.

To start off the project I started to explore all different colours and what meaning they had to them, for example red would mean love, energy, danger etc... I then started to photograph what i thought was a good demonstration of colour in photos, I did this by using a lomography camera with coloured filters on it. I then started to look at artists such as 'Bobby Doherty' and 'Julian Berman' who both have done shoots with fashion brand 'Odd Future'. I then started to research many different fashion magazines to get an idea of what I wanted to shoot. After i had the the shoot set up and planned i started to make a contact sheet where I then selected 4 photos which were then put into photoshop to add the text permitted and some final editing touches.


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