Monday, 7 March 2016

Freedom and Liberty

I started this project with a mindmap with all the contributing factors to what i thought freedom entailed of, for example word like love, freedom of speech etc..
I then started to explore freedom in artists and music and how some artists abused freedom with drugs because in a sense they were too free. I researched artists such as 'Bob marley' who was very interested in freedom and was one to stand for it. I then looked at artists 'Alex Prager' and 'Lisa Larson' who focused on crowd photography which is what i wanted to look further in to, so I researched crowds at modern day festivals as this was something I wanted to shoot myself.

We then visited the saactchi where not much interested me, however there were many exhibits on perspective which is what i wanted to show in my photos, e.g perspective on festivals and how they make me feel.

I then finally made a contact sheet of all the photos I got of crowds from all the events I had been to throughout the week, after I had made a contact sheet all that was left was to select the 4 I wanted to show as the final outcome


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