Monday, 7 March 2016


For this project we had to produce a series of photos, 4 to be exact which were all based on a specific place that had meaning to it, the first place that sprung to mind was the skatepark as it has very much sentimental value to me as its where I spent most of my time as a child. I started off by looking at the documentary 'Entering new worlds' by 'Christopher Anderson' which inspired me to do my initial idea of the skatepark, I continued looking at 'Christopher Anderson's' work and did some responses on 35mm film which is what I planned to do my final shoots on.

I then started looking at skating videos on 'Vice' and also began to shoot at the skatepark after one visit I knew what style of photographs I wanted to shoot, very similar to 'Alistair Hall's' work on skateparks, I continued to pick a photo and experiment with it, editing it in different ways,  I then made a contact sheet on my second visit and got the best ones printed on a4 where i then presented them win gallery style where I received some positive feedback.



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