Monday, 7 March 2016

local hero

I first started my local hero project by mind mapping different ideas so i had a head start to what i could work with, i then started to look at various artists whom of which i liked their photography style. The first artist being 'Alec Soth' who is a photographer that shoots portraits of people, i really liked the colour of his shots especially the one below.

I then started to look at 'Hazel Thompson' who made the sculpture outside the o2 named the 'Quantum Cloud'. I then started to look more in 'Ricky Adam' who takes portraits and focus's on bmx photography, i then responded to Adam's work with a few photos i got at the skatepark. I then started to look more into my local area and discovered that there is a famous group of grime rappers named 'Section Boys' who i took photos of at one of their events to show that they are in my eyes the local hero.


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