Tuesday, 8 March 2016

unseen christmas

This project was given to me over the half term and I wasn't really sure what I wanted to shoot, so I did some research and came across the artist 'Lee Friedlander' and he shoots dull shots which include a christmas element, this is something I liked.

So during the christmas holidays I took a disposable camera to events and tried to shoot photos that showed a different perspective of christmas.
authors own.
-good set of photos like the idea
-try shooting on digital
-better connection of all shots 



who are you?

I began this project by mind mapping out a few ideas to get an idea of what I wanted to do. I then started shooting on a lomography camera which shoots on film, only it has a colour filter in it to make the photos more colourful. I made a mood board of these photos.

I then watched a documentary 'who are you' by 'Martin Zarka' for inspiration which lead me on to pictures of people in the street taken at random. I then started to look at 'Jon Ben's' work. He took a series of photos of people sitting on the same bench, without them knowing. I then responded to his work and with the same series of photos made a contact sheet and then selected the ones I wanted to use, after editing them.


-nice photos
-a bit too dark




When we were first set this project I set out researching different gallery's and what exhibits I thought I could respond to, and after looking at various gallery's I visited 'Pierre Benain's' work up In a gallery in Piccadilly mall, Benain's work really interests me as I like the vintage look on the photos.

I then continued to look at 'Bob Gruen' who was a photographer for many famous 90's artists, he also shoots in a very similar style to 'Pierre Benain'. I responded to Benains work and then continued to experiment with my photos, I finally made a contact sheet so I could select the five final images for editing and the finally the final prints. After I had finished I had to present my work where i received positive feedback about my work.

-good set of photos
-like the style and vintage look to them 
-good response to artists work 




Monday, 7 March 2016

shape and form

I first started this project by searching the dictionary definition of shape and from, where i found that the form is the 3d while the shape is the 2d. e.g a person is the form and there shadow is the shape.

I took a few photos trying to show this, for example I shot my friend in light so shadows would show. I then made a moodpboard on 'shape and form' showing various different images that i hoped would give me inspiration, which it did. i then moved on to shooting more photos of just general places trying to capture shape and form within the photo. I then continued to find artist 'Kevin Saint Grey' who does architecture photography and shots in black and white and i really like how they look, which is why i then went on to make a contact sheet of photos i shot at the skatepark focusing on the curves and shadows with in them, I then selected what photos i was going to use and put them into edit.





For this project we had to produce a series of photos, 4 to be exact which were all based on a specific place that had meaning to it, the first place that sprung to mind was the skatepark as it has very much sentimental value to me as its where I spent most of my time as a child. I started off by looking at the documentary 'Entering new worlds' by 'Christopher Anderson' which inspired me to do my initial idea of the skatepark, I continued looking at 'Christopher Anderson's' work and did some responses on 35mm film which is what I planned to do my final shoots on.

I then started looking at skating videos on 'Vice' and also began to shoot at the skatepark after one visit I knew what style of photographs I wanted to shoot, very similar to 'Alistair Hall's' work on skateparks, I continued to pick a photo and experiment with it, editing it in different ways,  I then made a contact sheet on my second visit and got the best ones printed on a4 where i then presented them win gallery style where I received some positive feedback.






Freedom and Liberty

I started this project with a mindmap with all the contributing factors to what i thought freedom entailed of, for example word like love, freedom of speech etc..
I then started to explore freedom in artists and music and how some artists abused freedom with drugs because in a sense they were too free. I researched artists such as 'Bob marley' who was very interested in freedom and was one to stand for it. I then looked at artists 'Alex Prager' and 'Lisa Larson' who focused on crowd photography which is what i wanted to look further in to, so I researched crowds at modern day festivals as this was something I wanted to shoot myself.

We then visited the saactchi where not much interested me, however there were many exhibits on perspective which is what i wanted to show in my photos, e.g perspective on festivals and how they make me feel.

I then finally made a contact sheet of all the photos I got of crowds from all the events I had been to throughout the week, after I had made a contact sheet all that was left was to select the 4 I wanted to show as the final outcome





progression project (colour of life)

In this project we were set to do 4 different magazine covers exploring the colours of life. When doing the magazine covers you had to use a certain font that was given in the brief.

To start off the project I started to explore all different colours and what meaning they had to them, for example red would mean love, energy, danger etc... I then started to photograph what i thought was a good demonstration of colour in photos, I did this by using a lomography camera with coloured filters on it. I then started to look at artists such as 'Bobby Doherty' and 'Julian Berman' who both have done shoots with fashion brand 'Odd Future'. I then started to research many different fashion magazines to get an idea of what I wanted to shoot. After i had the the shoot set up and planned i started to make a contact sheet where I then selected 4 photos which were then put into photoshop to add the text permitted and some final editing touches.





Advertising (corner care)

For this project we were put into groups and then given a word picked at random which we then had to create a advert on. The word we were given was 'corner', we then started to develop our advertising campaign starting with a brief of ideas which we thought would work well, at first we thought 3 white manakins pushing a black manakin into a corner would be a good advert against racism. But then we thought that it wasn't that relevant to corners so we had the idea to add a comedy element to advertising 'corner care' a insurance of 'your' own corner and we feel the outcome was very positive and funny to watch.

feedback: everyone found the video funny and they all understood the comedic elements of it, and we also kept repeating the word corner to get the word stuck into peoples heads which people enjoyed.



                  Video: https://vimeo.com/158064405

opposites, contradictions and juxtaposition

I started of this project by selecting 4 photos form four different artists (the one above being 'Martin Parr') and then analysing the opposites, contradictions and juxtapositions of them. Doing this helped me get a better understanding of  what these meant and how i could then evaluate more photos in the future. 
I then used gender as an opposite and started to look further into that as a project, as well as what i originally wanted to look into which was fashion. I then started to look at fashion and various different artists exploring what intrigued me, such as: 'Jackie Nickerson' who shot the 'Yeezy season' which is a high end fashion brand

After looking at the 'Yeezy season' I began to start shooting and then made my contact sheet, after making contact sheets I selected the 8 images I was going to be using for the final outcome, i put the 8 images into photoshop and began development on the photos to make them look how I thought was the best.


local hero

I first started my local hero project by mind mapping different ideas so i had a head start to what i could work with, i then started to look at various artists whom of which i liked their photography style. The first artist being 'Alec Soth' who is a photographer that shoots portraits of people, i really liked the colour of his shots especially the one below.

I then started to look at 'Hazel Thompson' who made the sculpture outside the o2 named the 'Quantum Cloud'. I then started to look more in 'Ricky Adam' who takes portraits and focus's on bmx photography, i then responded to Adam's work with a few photos i got at the skatepark. I then started to look more into my local area and discovered that there is a famous group of grime rappers named 'Section Boys' who i took photos of at one of their events to show that they are in my eyes the local hero.