Monday, 7 March 2016

opposites, contradictions and juxtaposition

I started of this project by selecting 4 photos form four different artists (the one above being 'Martin Parr') and then analysing the opposites, contradictions and juxtapositions of them. Doing this helped me get a better understanding of  what these meant and how i could then evaluate more photos in the future. 
I then used gender as an opposite and started to look further into that as a project, as well as what i originally wanted to look into which was fashion. I then started to look at fashion and various different artists exploring what intrigued me, such as: 'Jackie Nickerson' who shot the 'Yeezy season' which is a high end fashion brand

After looking at the 'Yeezy season' I began to start shooting and then made my contact sheet, after making contact sheets I selected the 8 images I was going to be using for the final outcome, i put the 8 images into photoshop and began development on the photos to make them look how I thought was the best.

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