Tuesday, 7 June 2016

FMP - week 8

At the start of week 8 I had selected both landscape and the portrait images I wanted to use for my final image display the first image I picked was a photo of my dad, the reason I picked this photo is because my dad used to skate and I felt the image I have of him is very strong I first put the image into photoshop and experimented with different filters and edits however the image was shot on 35mm film so it looked best unedited and the film gave it a nice effect already. The second landscape image I used was a photo of skaters sitting down on the ramps at the skatepark, at first I also put this photo into photoshop where I again experimented with different edits as i wanted to see what the image would look like in black and white however I didn't really like how it looked so its not something that I would proceed with. The reason I chose these two photos is because they contact with each other very well as I will lay the photos out so they are next to each other in a frame. I wanted to do this as both the images contrast with each other very well, for example the reason I used these particular photos was going of the style of the artist I took inspiration from which was: 'Marco Hernandez'. I used the photo of my dad as I wanted to show him reminiscing over his old skating days by looking at the photo of the young skaters, however I also wanted to show how the young skaters are looking at my dad and thinking about how thats what they will become. My dad is also representing the restriction which is something I have been looking at, the contrast between restriction and escapism but I have incorporated skateboarding into it, and then the skaters represent escapism as they are young skaters going to the skatepark to achieve freedom and escape whereas their parents (my dad) is the restriction. I will also have a final a3 print of both the landscape images to show the images in more detail and on a bigger scale. Below is the photos in black and white and the final images.

The second set of images I am using for my final piece is the portrait images, I did two different photoshoots for this set of photos one was on digital and one was on 35mm film and I wanted to select an image from each category to have a contrast between film and digital, like with the landscape photos I first put the photos into photoshop to experiment with different filters and effects, I wanted to put both images into black and white to see what the outcome of it was and too see if they looked stronger in black and white, however they didn't so I didn't continue with this effect. The reason I chose the images I did is because they contrast really well with each other, the first photo I chose was a photo of an old woman who I dressed up in skaters clothes the reason I did this is to show the contrast between the youth and the old lady as the second photo I chose was of a young model who was also a skater. I planned to put both photos in a frame just like the landscape photos and have them contrast with each other as they will be next to each other in a frame. Its also showing how age is that woman's restriction and she is not able to skate however the young girl is looking at her and thinking how that will be her just like in the landscape photos. I also want to have both images blown up onto a3 so you can have a more detailed view of the images. I also edited the digital image of the young girl in photoshop just to make the shadows more vivid by changing the levels, and I left the film image unedited as film gives of a nice natural effect. Below is the images in both black and white and original.


Above you can see the final result of my images and I have them both in frame just as I planned, I think that the images contrast really well together and produce quite a strong picture, I also feel I have used 'Marco Hernandez' as inspiration very well,  as I said I have also blown the images up on A3 for a more detailed view. If I were to change anything it would be to have more images in this theme to make it even stronger.

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