Tuesday, 7 June 2016


The final outcome of my project included 4 images 2 of which were portrait and 2 were landscape. 3 images were shot on 35mm film and 1 was shot on digital, the aim of my project was to show the contrast between escapism and restrictions. I decided to focus mainly on skateboarding and show the aspects of that in my final images. The landscape pictures included two images one of which was of my dad who was an ex skater and the image was shown in a frame with another landscape photo of a group of young skaters sitting on the ramp, in these photos my dad was representing the restriction and the skaters representing the escapism as the youth are using skating as a method of escaping and they are restricted by their parents, as well as my dad reminiscing about his old skating days. The second set of images were two portraits shown in a frame and in the first image it was an old woman dressed in skater clothes this was to show her age being her restriction, the second image was a young skater girl who is looking at the old woman and thinking how that will be her, however she is also using eating as her method of escapism and age is her restriction as she will have to give it up soon. When looking at my project proposal this is what I set out to do as in my proposal I wrote about how people use different things to escape however without restrictions they would have nothing to escape from. One of the artists I mentioned in my proposal was 'Marco Hernandez' who also shot skaters in their lifestyle and showed escapism very well, I wanted to capture this but also show the restrictions I feel I have done this and showed it in my final piece.

During my project I used a sketch book and Blog to show my development of thought and work, in terms of the sketchbook I feel this has worked very well and has benefited me greatly as it has allowed me to show my research each step of the way and show how I have developed each image and what artists and different methods of research I have used weather it be: gallery visits, artist research or watching documentaries, also the blog has allowed me to evaluate my sketch book in words so it's more understandable and gives a more detailed explanation of my sketchbook, the sketch book is also good as I was just able to put all my research in no matter what it was.

I set myself my target of updating my blog weekly and also updating it the same time I did as my sketchbook I would say I have met this target as I have been updating my blog weekly. The second target I set myself was to include more artists as research as I had lacked in this before, I also feel I have met this target as I included many artists in my sketch book. The last target I set myself was to visit a gallery as research and during my project I did visit a gallery so I can say I achieved that as well.

When I first started my final major project I wasn't sure in which direction I wanted to go in, for example I didn't know I wanted to do skating as the method of escapism I also didn't know how I would incorporate restriction into my photos. So over the course of the final major project I would say my idea has developed massively due to different artists inspiring me and then developing my ideas until I had the end result which I am happy with an it wouldn't have got to that without the development of my ideas throughout my sketchbook and blog, as the sketchbook allowed me to have ideas and then if they didn't work I could just move on and try a different idea.

Each week I would seek advice from my tutors where I would sit down and present the work had done and show them what stage I was up to, this helped me the most as it abled me to receive constructive criticism and also abled me to try new ideas that were recommended to me by my tutors, I would also have group crits which allowed my peers to give me their views and ideas they thought would benefit me, and they would also tell me their opinion of my work which would allow me to think about what I could change to it to make it better.

I would say the main key points to take away from this final major project is to stay on top of your work and not allow yourself to get distracted and fall behind. If I was to change my approach I would go into more description on my blog and update it daily as this would give a much more accurate day to day development on your work, I would also add more research in my sketchbook and try and get more than one sketch book done as I feel I slightly lacked on amount of work produced, I would also would have liked to have shown a series of images in a magazine like book as well as the frames. I feel this has helped me develop my camera skills enough to continue photograph on a high level that of which I entered the course in. Next year I want to focus more on a photography media based job and I will use the skills I have developed this year and incorporate them into a work based environment.

Overall I was really pleased with how the project went and I feel i have developed my camera skills massively as I hadn't really shot on 35mm before this year and that is what I mainly shot on this year so I am happy to say that I have taken in and learned a great amount which I can take and use in the job industry.

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