Monday, 6 June 2016

FMP- week 5

I started week 5 by continuing to look at the contrast between restriction and escapism in skateboarding, I did this by looking a different videos on 'youtube' and I came across a song called 'I Just Wanna Skate' made by 'DGK ALL DAY', which had a photo on the video of a man about to whack his skateboard against a police car, and I thought this was a good representation of the skater rebelling against the restriction, as recently I have been exploring how people use skateboarding to achieve freedom and feel like they are escaping from the restrictions of life. Whatever those restrictions may be, below I have shown the screenshot of the song.

I decided to respond to this song with a photo I thought would best recreate the song in a photo so I went to a skating event where the police were patrolling so I tried to get a photo of one of them, luckily I managed to get a photo of one of them amongst the crowd which I thought showed contrast between all the people walking about and how they weren't looking at the police man maybe because they are scared of the restriction, as the police are a big restriction in a skaters eyes as they prevent a lot. Below is the photo I took when I was at the event.

I then went on to focusing on the contrast between restrictions and escapism in skateboarding and I did this by going out shooting at the skatepark and also shooting adults in their workplace, I again shot this on a 35mm camera so therefore didn't know what the outcome was going to be however I got a really nice set of photos, I then selected two which I thought best contrasted. I ended up picking a photo of my dad and a photo of people sitting down on the ramps, the irony of it is that my dad used to skate so you could almost say he is reminiscing on his old skating days if you put the images next to each other, or that the youth is thinking about how thats how they will end up. Below is the images I chose.

I wanted to start looking at what makes a skater a skater, for example could you tell someone skated just by what they wore, an example of this is dyed hair or piercings I think that fits that sort of life style and having dyed hair shows that the person in being original and doing what they like, this is in context as the skaters are skating because they enjoy it and its what they do to escape and be in their ideal place.

I have done an example of this below as I did a small experiment by taking photos of the shoes of two skaters and then taking a photo of the shoes of two parents and as you can see below it is easy to identify which is which as the skaters shoes are covered in holes and they are very worn out and messy and the parents shoes are neat tidy and clean and professional, I think this resembles more than just shoes but their lifestyle as well. You could argue that the shoes are much like the lives of the people they are owned by as the skaters shoes are covered in holes and the parents shoes are neat and tidy. photos of the shoes shown below.

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