Friday, 3 June 2016

FMP- week 3

I started week 3 by deciding what direction I wanted to continue in my project, and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to focus on the contrast between escapism and restriction within skateboarding for example showing how skaters will achieve the sense of escapism whether it be skating in the ramps or just socialising with people who have similar interests and restrictions could be the law or parents or things as subtle as the weather, just anything that restricts the skaters. I started off the week by making a collage as you can see below.

I made this collage by cutting up photos I had already taken which hadn't turned out how I wanted so I was able to do this, I was trying to capture escapism in skateboarding. As you can see I have photos of skaters and I then have added thought bubbles to represent what they're thinking about or what they would rather be doing, I did this just to experiment with unused photos I had.

I then moved on to a photographer named 'Marco Hernandez', he shoots in a style I really like as he captures all the 'madness' that the skaters are doing when they are not skating, for example at a gig or something like that. The photos that I focused on I think represented escapism quite well and I also felt like you could tell that the person was a skater just by how they looked and what they wore, for example if they had tattoos and piercings and they looked messy and dirty with worn out shoes with holes in then they were most likely a skater. I also like the style he shot in as it looked almost as if there had been a crazy night out and he had captured the photos and each photo told a story, like the photo below. I think that the photo below shows how the skater is sitting down at a gig/party smoking thinking about his restrictions and almost asking 'is it worth it?' with a beer in his hand, this also shows the recklessness behind it as well.

I responded to this photo by trying to capture the same sort style as Hernandez's work, I did this by shooting just after I had been to the skatepark with my friend and I then took a photo of him holding his hand up in the shape of an 'L' I also had skateboards in the photo and the location of the photo is under a bridge, you can also see on the wall he is smoking I think this is a good representation of escapism as he is normally at boarding school so on the weekends he is able to go out and escape.
photo shown below.

I then did another shoot after we had all been to the skatepark, I took a disposable camera to a party that I was going to and I shot photos of people when the night was coming to an end to get that same feel as Hernandez's work, I wanted to capture peoples facial expressions which I feel tell a pretty good story of how the night went to is going for them. For example as you can see from the photo below he looks rather agitated and annoyed and waiting for the night to end so he can get to bed.

I plan to start week 4 by going to a gallery which I feel is relevant to my project, I will be doing research over the weekend to find what I think is the most interesting gallery.

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