Monday, 6 June 2016

FMP - week 6

Week 6 I started by looking at a new artist I came across from looking at his photography book he made with 'supreme' the artists name is 'David Sims' and I really liked his style of photography as it was sort of an old school style to it, and in some photos he had photos overlapping each other which i liked and wanted to recreate. In one of the photos there are four boys sitting on a sofa which was one of my favourite images as I think it bests links to my project and I will be responding to this image in particular but also incorporating my own theme of my project into it.

As you can see from above the photo is of the four boys sitting on a sofa and I think that it is a good photo of escapism and the boys are enjoying themselves all laughing and having a good time, so I decided to respond to this by going out into London and taking some photos on my 35mm camera trying to capture what I thought would best respond to David sims' work unfortunately most of the photos didn't come out very well, however there was one photo which was a happy accident as the roll of film must have messed up and exposed two photos onto one, but I think it worked really well as it contrasted with a working man with the skateboard representing the escape. photo shown below.

I then made a collage focusing on the aspects of escapism in skateboarding, I focused on one person that I originally interviewed to start this project, the collage is shown below.

From this collage I wanted to capture is a few photos which I took on a disposable camera of just a skater enjoying himself and what he gets up to on a day to day basis, I then wanted to respond to this by having the same person however have an image of him contrasting with an image of my parents, and my parents being the restriction as they will keep a teenager from going out too late and steering them in the right direction which may not allow them to skate as much. I then have an image of the same person on a bike smoking a joint which shows him being free in his environment. Both images shown below.

Half way through week 6 I started to plan how I was going to lay out my final images and I decided to have two images in landscape and two images in portrait, I wanted to have the two landscape images contrasting with each other and I also wanted to have the two portraits contrasting with each other, I will be printing the photos onto a4 as well as a3 because I wanted to have the two a4's together and the a3 shown separately. My final images will be laid out into pairs and they will also contrast each other, I will also want to think about the contradictions and the juxtapositions, for example I will have one picture of a restriction and I will then have a picture of escapism in skateboarding contrasting with the restriction image. I am doing this as it leads the person viewing the image to ask questions about the photos, I also think that the images will contrast well as one is needed for the other an example of this is without restriction there would be no escapism as there would be nothing to escape from, because there thing people most commonly escape is their own restrictions. Below is a the frame I would like to show my final images in.

I then began the process to select images to use in my final display, to do this I laid out most of the images that I had taken so I could identify which ones I thought would contrast with each other the best,  thought this method of selecting images was the best as it gave me a birds eye view of all the pictures and I am also able to move the images about so I can mess about with different images.

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