Monday, 2 November 2015

sound design

We started the project by looking at the most important factors of sound design such as diegetic sounds and non diegetic sounds and soundtrack architecture. this information was very useful to me as i have never studied sound design before therefore getting an understanding to what it entails was very useful.  we then started to look at some examples of 'Bladerunner' and 'The Conversation'.

After we looked at these video i was able to start to identify how you can use sound to create emotion, and how if played over a film you can create emotion without having to see it, we then started to record sound effects or ambient sound noise using a tab cam audio recorder, i found this to be very useful as i have never used this sort of technology before and i had some very nice sounds after using it.

The next day we continued the basics of sound design to get a better understanding, we then started to do some sound recording to start playing around with sounds and getting the basic techniques and learning this had a big contribution to my final sound journey.
we were then given a brief tutorial on how to use Adobe Audition this is for a more advance look on sound design and is not something i would use for my sound journey however it did give me a few tips on how to make your sound piece that much better.
I then began to make a start on my sound journey on Final Cut Pro this software allowed me to put the sounds in the order that allowed me to show how emotions have changed throughout the sound piece, when i started to edit my piece i began to develop my skills and get a better understanding of the whole process which i could then add to the second part of the task.

Sound To Film

Sound Journey

On monday i applied some finishing touches to my sound journey making sure that i had made it clear what emotions i was trying to show.
in my sound journey i wanted to show how my emotions changed from when i got home for collage to when i started to skateboard, i included the close up sounds of the skateboard as these sounds have great deal of meaning to me and they can change my emotions.

I then started to do research on films that i could use for my video sound journey, where i would play sound over the film clip to show different emotion.
i decided to use a film that meant a great deal to me which was: 'All This Mayhem' this film included a lot of skating which is something i thought i could show emotion with as it means a great deal to me. i then began to replace the soundtrack of a clip from the film with sounds i thought represented the emotions i felt when skating for example the adrenaline you get when skating i decided to use a engine of a car to reflect this.

Image result for all this mayhem

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