Monday, 2 November 2015


On our fourth and final 2 week course we started to look at film, we started by looking at the key sections and stages of film production such as: shooting, scripts, camera angles and shot types, cast etc we also started to look at what makes a film such as a moral premise, a moral premise is a short synopsis of a film that enables you to understand that film in only a few words, for example: greed leads to loneliness. we then did a few takes that enabled us to get a better understanding on how moral premise works. we then continued to learn about the key features that make up a film and also how to make our film more professional for example; we started to learn about archetypes and how to incorporate extreme principals in our film. learning about this helped me a great deal as i could include this when doing my own pre production.

Image result for camera degree rulesWe then started learning more about pre production planning such as: storyboard and the degree rules for camera work, we then began to think about how we are going to use these for our planning so we got ourselves into a group and began to develop our ideas where we then decided on a moral premise of: greed and recklessness can lead to severe consequences we then mapped out a storyboard and began to develop from there.

On the first monday back we began to start shooting our film, we started by planning who was playing which part once we knew this we made our way to Brick Lane where we started shooting, we had already done a location recce on this before hand so we new where we was going to film. we then started to set up filming and started shooting, we knew what to shoot because we were following the storyboard as well as the shot types and camera angles, we also started to think about what sounds we would incorporate in our film as we wanted to have a comical side to it so we decided on using amusing sounds to give a little more of a comical side to it. When we had shot all the scenes we headed back to uni to start editing it together and including sounds to make it give more emotion for the viewers and just to amplify some shots as the sounds were too quiet. we had to incorporate a chase sequence in our film so we decided to have me and my girlfriend walk to buy sweets of a sweet dealer however i give the dealer fake money and we are then chased by the gangsters and my girlfriend is shot by a water gun. 

we took inspiration from a film called 'Bugsy Malone' which is a film about children who play gangsters and they have guns that shoot custard we tried to base our film on this in the aspect of a comical yet serious short film as we feel this would be interesting for our target audience which was a group of 18 year olds.

  Image result for bugzy malone film

We then started to add sounds into our film that would show the comical side of it, we also pitched our idea so we could get some constructive criticism and improve areas of our film, the feedback gave us some things to think about which we then added to our film to make it better. On the final day we had to present our film to everyone else, we went first and we got some quite positive feedback as people were able to identify the moral premise and also which character was which so i feel like we did a good job and i have defiantly furthered my knowledge in filming/editing, however we also got some criticism which was not to have such a cliche, this is something we have taken on board and am able to start thinking about in the future.

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