Monday, 2 November 2015


On the monday we had been told that we were going to have a two week induction to animation, animation is something I've never looked at before so i was interested to see what it was all about, we kicked it off by watching a few different types of animations created over the years, for example 'Honda Paper' this was a 2D stop motion animation video, we also watch a colour cell animation called 'Procrastination' after having looked at these types of animation i started to get an understanding of animation and how it works.
we were then set the task to create our own animation, so we got ourselves in to groups and began to plan story ideas for our animation.

The next day we continued to develop our story ideas when we then told the rest of the class our ideas this allowed us to get feedback so we could then improve the faults in our story, doing this helped us advance and take our story to the next step which was creating story boards so we could map out the stages in our animation and also what camera angles we will use as well as scenery etc.
For my directed study day i started to play around with stop motion animation at home just on a first basis, this allowed me to understand how to edit an animation together. I used clay figures and just played around with basic movements this also allowed me to understand how the movement of characters is done in animation.

The next day each group was asked to present their story and features for their animation. some of the other groups had ideas that inspired me to improve the story boards to make our story that bit better. we then spoke to Chris who gave us some ideas that we could include into our animation to improve it such as the ending. I then went on to helping Conor with the blender facial rigging / phoneme this is where i started to understand animation a lot more and was getting a better understanding on how to make one

On the first Monday back we again continued to develop out animation even further by getting story boards up to scratch, i then started to plan the angles we were going to use in the animation. i also started to do research by looking at other animations and animating companies such as pixar this gave me an understanding of characters and what a professional animation looks like.

Image result for pixar

founded by: Alvy Ray Smith, Edwin Catmul and Steve Jobs

The next day we presented our first draft animation to Chris for feedback on our idea and what we could do to improve it the feedback we received was very helpful as it allowed us to identify the strong points in our animation but also the weak points which needed improvement. On the final day we had our presentations we were given a short amount of time at the start of the day which we used to our advantage to improve any small problems in our animation such as some editing alterations, we started by watching a few others animations which i found very useful as it allowed me to see what we could have done as some of the techniques used in other peoples were really good. We then presented our animation and was then given feedback which was fair and also allowed me to think about how i could improve my animating skills.

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