Wednesday, 16 September 2015

intro to blogger


My name is Harry O'Donoughue, I'm 18 years of age and I live in bromley South in Kent on a regular weekend I enjoy going out with my friends to events and clubs. I also have a passion for skating and the skatepark and I like to link my work to this. I have started at Ravensbourne to continue learning about photography and media, I chose to do a foundation course as I was unsure what specific course I wanted to take further as it was between photography and media I have been studiing these subjects throughout a level and I ended up with a double distinction in BTEC media and a B at photography a-level.

In my spare time I enjoy skating and I feel as if this is a big part of my life as I do include it in my studio I do this by making short films and taking photos of people at the skatepark to highlight the tricks they do and to show what skating means to people.

This is something really enjoy doing as its a passion as well as a hobby so it makes working on it a lot more fun as well as also getting some really nice outcomes of photos and small videos I do using 'final cut'.

I was hoping to develop my skills at Ravensbourne using the resources to my advantage and hopefully coming out with a project that I'm proud of, just by the first day I could tell that this was the place where I could take my skills further and start creating a project.

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