Monday, 23 May 2016

Half way review

Ive started my project looking at different peoples perspective on escapism and what they do to escape that reality of life, whether it be a hobby/taking drugs/going out/listening to music or expressing themselves through fashion the possibilities varies. I started with primary research, interviewing different types of people so I could grasp all their different intakes on freedom and how they achieve the sense of freedom or what they do to escape and just forget all the negative things in their life the first person I interviewed was a skateboarder and he said he never feels as free as when he's skating and then has a joint after, so I looked further into this and found some interesting documentaries and artists which were all relevant and it was how he escaped reality I then took a set of photos on what I thought best would show the person I interviewed and others like him as people doing the same thing as you often have the same story. In the future I hope to look at the contrast between escapism and restriction and what restricts people of being free/happy whether it be work/family problems or anything like that, and I hope to capture these situations in photos. I think I will be going down the path of skateboarding and focusing on that as its something I feel I could get a great project of and have a really nice set of photos. I would also say I need to plan and schedule my work better so I am keeping up to date with my blog as well as my sketch book so I am able to produce good photos.

If I was to narrow it down I would ask when you close your eyes and imagine freedom what do you see? Or what were you doing or what do you see yourself doing when you have been most free/happy in your life?

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